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The technology behind the new generation of electric cars can be somewhat baffling but the details are worth knowing and understanding so that you can drive with confidence knowing if the decision you made is right or not.

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How it works

Essentially, an EV (electric vehicle) is equipped with a battery instead of a petrol tank and there is an electric motor replacing the internal combustion engine.

This can be bad news for people who love the smell of petrol, just saying.

The electric motor is powered by the electricity stored in the battery that is equipped in the car, the battery does need recharging when low by plugging it in to use grid electricity.

The recharging process is the same as when your phone needs charging when the battery is low.

Similar to this, the PHEVs, plugin hybrids come with charging leads and a plug socket so that the battery can be charged via the mains, the capacity is smaller, however.

20-30 miles would be the limit for these models to run in electric-only mode.


Let me mention the most amazing perk of electric car tech, you can charge these electric vehicles at home and all you need is a home charging unit installed.

Why is this an amazing perk?

It can save you the usual trips to petrol stations and charging points.

The other big thing about electric vehicles and which really swings most people is the cleanliness, they are much cleaner and produce no tailpipe emission or anything of that sort.

The green credentials this electric vehicle technology offers are not the sole reasons that people want to go electric, many EVs now offer some really kickass technology that further helps reduce the running cost and also helps in saving energy.

The Nissan Leaf

Lots of models, the Nissan Leaf being the prime example turns the engine off when you stop and the cool part being, it also charges the battery when you push the brake.

Now, how cool is that? I mean really!

This is known as “Regenerative braking” and this technology can also be seen in hybrid models and the electric motor is helped powered through it without the need of being plugged-in for charging so you can go even further without the petrol engine being used.

Pioneering manufacturers

Many electric cars from big pioneering manufacturers like Tesla, Renault are in the constant process of re-engineering to refine their batteries for even bigger driving ranges.

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In electric vehicles, the car’s temperature can be pre-conditioned, you can even set the stop and start time for the charge.

Who would not love to enjoy heated seats and steering-wheels in the winter? Common now!

You can even decide on a battery percentage so that you can sit back and relax and your car would know exactly how much it needs to charge before the drive.

Driving Experience

The real deal is, what about the actual driving experience? And this is where many electric cars come into their own. The technology behind each of the electric vehicles will determine a really intuitive car.

The electric motor also has key importance here and will be a big factor in the case of driving experience, as it can also provide almost instant torque making the cars quicker, lighter and in turn, make them more enjoyable to drive.

What else makes the driving experience more fun is that these electric vehicles are also quieter than the traditional cars out there and these electric cars are able to accelerate extremely quickly.

So you won’t be left behind at any traffic lights!

The hare and tortoise story

We have all heard about the story of, hare and tortoise, so is there the same story going on in this industry of electric vehicles?

Tesla posing a threat and terrifying the industry by becoming what Apple has become for the mobile industry but acquiring very major quality and financial challenges.

Other automotive giants like Volkswagen and Daimler have somewhat become what you may call ambivalent about fuel cell cars. And another big name that is Toyota has just decided to straight away go big time on pure electric.

What Hyundai has said is that they are the end game, and Honda on the other hand says that they are too an important option in this game and yet others have and are calling them “fool” cells. 

Now, who is right in all this tussle? Will the Chinese, as we know they do things, flood the world with their half-price yet basic electric cars? The question here would be, when?

Climate Change

Electric cars and other electric vehicles could be the prime reason for eliminating a big source of climate change only if they become widespread enough considering the air pollution that is caused by other vehicles.

The Road to Zero

An initiative was taken by the government of the UK known as “The Road to Zero” was released after several months of delays that were caused by intense lobbying.

And It states in it that by 2040, the UK expects that “the vast majority of new cars including vans sold to be 100 percent zero-emission and not just that but all new cars and vans are to have the significant zero-emission capability.” 

So yeah, 2040 can be considered a soft deadline for the UK and there’s plenty of wiggle room for electric vehicles in the UK.

Electric cars are the future

The BBC has reported that the automotive giant, Ford will be investing $11 billion in electric cars technology, to have all-electric cars in its range by 2022. Bill Ford, the American businessman, currently serving as the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company says,

The firm is “all in” on electrification!

Reuters have estimated that automakers have now fully committed to a global total of at least 90 billion dollars to build electric cars,19 billion dollars of it from U.S. firms. China will be the first country where all this cash will first head to.

Bloomberg has although noted that other barriers are also to be overcome. The projections for electric vehicles are becoming the reason for driving up the cost of cobalt for batteries. Prices of metals have more than doubled and that too in just over a year.

“Do you know that the biggest industry that’s also subsidized by the U.S. government? Transit bus” said that 80 percent of all the capital expenditures on the U.S. bus transit is currently funded by the federal government itself. 

In Lancaster, California, Austin leads a team that is manufacturing around somewhat 300 electric buses a year solely for the U.S. market. He says that he has around 100 orders for electric port vehicles.

And not just that but work on electric airport tugs is also in process. And that is one hell of exciting news!

China’s Aggressive Electric Car Rules

When you want an industry to change its ways, this is how you do it, China’s government announced that any automaker that is producing or either importing more than 30,000 cars in the country must make sure that, 

10 percent of them should be electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids and that was just the case in 2019, that number will make a 2% increase and rise to 12 percent in this year, 2020.

Other nations also have been trying to push to limit car sales that run on fossil fuels. The U.K. and France both have very recently decided that they should outlaw the sale of internal-combustion cars by the year 2040. 

But as one of the world’s largest car markets, China’s push will always have a more profound and hard-hitting effect on the industry.


The future of electric cars looks more than bright as it certainly has a lot of potential to reduce our own dependence on oil and other fuel such as fossil fuel, which can on a big scale, bring down global pollution.

And as mentioned earlier, using electric car technology will help control overall climate change, Now, if you are someone who has a  keen eye for an electric car, It would be definitely recommended that you go, buy one! 

Because any support for new and upcoming future technology just helps to make things better.

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